Guidelines & Flowchart

Guidelines & Flowchart

Extradition Request From Indonesia


Extradition is widely executed based on treaties. In the absence of treaties, Extradition may still be granted on the basis of international relation and the principles of reciprocity.

To ensure that the Extradition request is executed efficiently, it is imperative for the competent authorities to be attentive on the following notes when proposing submission of extradition request to Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia:

  1. Request for ExtraditionCentral Authority also provides model form of Extradition Request Letter which should be taken into consideration in fulfilment of the requirements or information. (Attachment File: Template of Extradition Request-Outgoing);
  2. Identity of the institution which submits the Extradition request;
  3. The subject matter and nature of investigation, prosecution, or examination before the court related to the Extradition request, as well as the name and function of the institution conducting investigation, prosecution and judicial process;
  4. Summary of related facts;
  5. Provisions of the relevant laws, articles and criminal threats;
  6. Description on the extradition requested;
  7. Elaboration of the desirable special procedure, including confidentiality;
  8. Other requirements determined by the Requested Country;

 Extradition Request from Indonesia


  1. Submission of Extradition Request Proposal to Central Authority
  2. Assessment and Drafting Extradition Request
  3. Subsmission of Letter to Requested Country, Coordinating and Monitoring of Extradition Request
  4. Fulfilment of Extradition and Feedback