Specific Requirements

MLA Request From Indonesia


Request to obtain statement, document, and other evidence voluntarily

For the request pertaining to statements shall attach a list of questions and/or statement that may be taken.

Request to search and seizure of items, objects, or property

MLA cooperation covers assistance request to conduct search and seizure procedure of an item, object, or property in other jurisdictions under permit and/or court’s appointment for the purpose of an investigation or examination at court trial. In the assistance request, the competent authority must also enclose a search and confiscation warrants issued by competent authority of Indonesia as the Requesting Country.

Request to execute final judgment

Assistance related to follow-up of court ruling may be granted in the following cases:

  1. Confiscation of property;
  2. Imposition of fines; and/or
  3. Indemnification of state money

Template of MLA Request

Central Authority also provides model form of Mutual Legal Assistance Request Letter which should be taken into consideration in fulfilment of the requirements or information.

 (Attachment File: Template of MLA Request-Outgoing)  Download Here