Specific Requirements

MLA Request to Indonesia


Requests pertaining to search and seizure of items, objects or asset

Requests for assistance for conducting search warrant and seizure of goods, items, objects or assets in Indonesia should be based on a warrant and/or court order for the purpose of investigation or examination before the court. Moreover, the request must enclose search and seizure warrant/order issued by a competent authority.

It should be noted that such assistance may only be given if the requesting country guarantees that it shall return the requested goods, objects or assets.

Requests pertaining to the service of documents If the document to be serviced is a summons, the request for assistance must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the date the person is required to appear, as well as a guarantee that the person shall not be detained, prosecuted or tried for any violation of the law of the Requesting State alleged to have been committed by the Person before he left Indonesia;

Request to follow up on a final judgment Assistance related to follow-up of court ruling may be granted in the following cases:

  1. Confiscation of assets;
  2. Imposition of penalty; and/or
  3. Indemnification of state money/payment of compensation Template of MLA Request The Central Authority also provides an MLA Request Form which should be taken into consideration in fulfilling any requirements or information.
 (Attachment File: Template of MLA Request-Incoming)  Download Here